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Allow yourself to unwind from your busy life as the healing hands of our dedicated spa therapists take you on a transformative journey for the body and mind. Tailored to soothe the senses and calm the mind, the Dr. Patty Miami spa is the ultimate destination to relax, rejuvenate, and luxuriate.

Transcend into total bliss and relaxation or invigorate your body and spirit with a complete menu of signature spa services, including a selection of avant-garde and body treatments that soothe the senses and promote wellbeing.

Our indulgent face and body rituals can be combined with a bespoke selection of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic enhancements to create a multidimensional experience where style and comfort harmoniously interlace.

Why Choose Dr. Patty?

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Excellent dental care and outstanding customer service are not the only things that set us apart. At Dr. Patty Miami, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the mark to offer our clients an upscale, anxiety-free experience at every visit.

Discover the exclusive perks offered at Dr. Patty Miami:

Numbness reversal

Numbness can be limiting, affecting one’s speech, smile, and ability to drink after a visit. Dr. Patty’s reversal process allows clients to leave the dental boutique and carry on with their day as if nothing happened, so you don’t have to worry about canceling your engagements after your procedure.


The professionals at Dr. Patty Miami are committed to your health and wellness. That’s why we use lasers to offer a safe, anxiety-free dental experience without drills and scalpels. This innovative laser technology has several advantages, including minimal intervention and, in most cases, little-to-no anesthesia.

Sedation dentistry

Multiple options for a more comfortable and nerve-free experience.

Personal Concierge Service

We can arrange everything from RedCap or limo transportation to and from your appointment to making nearby lunch or dinner reservations for after your appointment.

Advanced Digital Surround X-Rays

Minimal exposure, more precise, and digitally stored for your convenience.

State-of-the-art technologies and facilities

Complimentary wine & Nespresso coffee bar, hot towel service, temple massage therapy, paraffin treatments, music & movie selections are just a few of the amenities you’ll find at our ultra-chic, upscale facilities.


Enter a World of Decadent Tranquility

Set in a space of iconic beauty, the spa at Dr. Patty Miami exudes luxury and wellbeing while absorbing Miami’s iconic high-end relaxed vibe.

At our exclusive cosmetic and medical clinic, you will find an assortment of luxury spa suites where our master therapists will pamper you from head to toe.

Our selection of nourishing face and body treatments includes post-surgery and deep tissue massage, as well as a variety of skin treatments, including a collection of traditional and contemporary facials with long-lasting rejuvenating effects.

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The Facial Collection

A unique approach to combating premature aging, the facial collection at Dr. Patty Miami was designed to restore skin tone, boost hydration, and elevate tired, devitalized skin without injections or stitches.

One of our most popular face treatments, the vampire facial, is an invigorating combination of microdermabrasion and PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy that delivers immediate results that continue improving over the next six to twelve months following treatment.

What Happens During a Vampire Facial

During your vampire facial, a licensed aesthetician will draw a small amount of your blood and run it through a centrifuge to isolate the platelets – which are a portion of your blood choked full of growth factors. When these growth factors are applied to the skin, it can stimulate new cell reproduction.

You’ll then receive microdermabrasion before the plasma is applied to your face. The vampire facial is basically a nonsurgical facelift that can freshen and tighten the following areas:

  • Entire face
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Décolletage

We recommend getting this procedure a minimum of three times with four to six weeks between each treatment for optimal results. While that may sound like a lot, you will experience continual skin regeneration for months to a year following your treatment.


Nurturing Vitality

Melt away the tensions of the day with a delectable deep tissue massage where premium essential oils and firm, flowing movements combine to enhance wellbeing and reduce stress. Or discover our select massage treatments for toning the body and renewing the mind.

Complete your spa experience with a decadent Hammam ritual in a heated steam room designed for deep cleansing and all-around revitalization.

The Spa Menu

Browse through our comprehensive selection of exclusive spa services or call us to schedule an appointment today.

Face & Body

Get the glow you’ve always wanted. Our face and body treatments are designed to refresh, renew, and make you feel great inside and out.

For the ultimate wellness care, add specialty add-ons to any treatments or delight your senses and enhance your natural beauty with our exclusive facial created for your specific skin needs.





[Vampire Facial]


Experience total relaxation with one of our signature massage treatments. Whether you desire to relieve tension, tone your body, or simply unwind, our massage services were specially designed to promote overall wellness. Click through each service to learn more.

[Post-surgery massage]

[Deep tissue massage]

[Wood therapy]


Brazilian Butt Lift FAQs

I Don’t Have Enough Fat for a BBL! What Are My Options?

If you don’t have enough fat tissue for a BBL and can’t (or don’t want to) gain weight for the procedure, you can opt for nonsurgical options such as [Sculptra] injections, which can add more shape volume to your booty without the need of fat grafting.

Is BBL Surgery Safe?

When performed by a trained, board-certified surgeon, BBL surgery can be a safe and straightforward method for sculpting a more curvaceous butt. As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, including:

  • Adverse reactions to anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Fat embolism

Does Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Leave Scars?

The BBL surgery doesn’t result in visible scars on the butt area since the fat is injected via syringe with fine needles. The liposuction is made through tiny incisions that are strategically placed in areas that can be concealed with clothing and/or camouflaged within the natural creases of your body.

How Much is BBL Surgery in Miami?

The cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami ranges between $5,000 to $13,000. The final price of your BBL will depend upon several factors, including the amount of liposuction needed for the desired results, the techniques used, and surgical and anesthesia fees.

During your private consultation with a Dr. Patty Miami surgeon, you will receive a personalized surgical plan, which will include the costs of your unique BBL procedure.

Is BBL Surgery Painful?

The surgery itself is performed under general and/or local anesthesia, which means that you will feel no pain during the procedure. You can expect mild to moderate discomfort around the treated areas for up to 6 weeks after your BBL surgery.

Will BBL Address Sagging Skin?

Unfortunately, if you have sagging skin on your butt area, you won’t be able to achieve optimal results with a BBL alone. Fat loss can exacerbate the loose skin, so your Dr. Patty Miami surgeon may recommend another procedure, such as a [tummy tuck] to tighten droopy tissue and achieve a smoother contour.

Can I Combine BBL with Other Procedures?

Yes! Some patients choose to get [tummy tucks], [breast augmentations], or noninvasive cosmetic procedures such as [fillers] or [botox] to complement their BBL results. Your cosmetic surgeon will explain all your options during your complimentary consultation at Dr. Patty Miami.


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