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Laser Dentistry

Imagine going to the dentist and the only noise you hear is the soothing music flowing from your headphones or the relaxing sound of your dentist’s voice as she gently works on your teeth. And what if this visit didn’t involve drills, needles, or pain either? It’d be more like a day at the spa than an appointment with the dentist.

If this sounds like your ideal situation, Dr. Patty Miami is the place you’ve been looking for. We are obsessed with finding new ways to make dental visits a transformative experience where you can achieve the sexy smile of your dreams in as little time and with as little discomfort as possible.

One of the ways we make this true is by using laser dentistry technology. With dental lasers, we can deliver effective treatments with minimal pain, no bleeding, and expedited recovery times.

Experience The Future Of Dentistry At Dr. Patty Miami

The dreaded drill. It is definitely one of the tools that gave rise to the world’s collective fear of the dentist. The traditional dental drill is an incredibly useful appliance that revolutionized dental care. But, by today’s standards, it’s also loud, painful, and downright unpleasant.

Finally, the future of dentistry has arrived with dental lasers. This up-and-coming dentistry style uses intense beams of lights that are projected by a specialized hand-held laser. These lasers can be used on many routine and advanced procedures, such as:

  • [Periodontal (gum) disease]
  • Soft tissue shaping and removal
  • [Canker sores and fever blisters]
  • [Gummy smile] treatment

Laser dentistry was deemed safe by the FDA in 1990. Since then, many high-end cosmetic dentists have incorporated this technology into their common procedures to reduce pain, ease anxiety, and minimize recovery times.

Why Choose Dr. Patty?

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Excellent dental care and outstanding customer service are not the only things that set us apart. At Dr. Patty Miami, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the mark to offer our clients an upscale, anxiety-free experience at every visit.

Discover the exclusive perks offered at Dr. Patty Miami:

Numbness reversal

Numbness can be limiting, affecting one’s speech, smile, and ability to drink after a visit. Dr. Patty’s reversal process allows clients to leave the dental boutique and carry on with their day as if nothing happened, so you don’t have to worry about canceling your engagements after your procedure.


The professionals at Dr. Patty Miami are committed to your health and wellness. That’s why we use lasers to offer a safe, anxiety-free dental experience without drills and scalpels. This innovative laser technology has several advantages, including minimal intervention and, in most cases, little-to-no anesthesia.

Sedation dentistry

Multiple options for a more comfortable and nerve-free experience.

Personal Concierge Service

We can arrange everything from RedCap or limo transportation to and from your appointment to making nearby lunch or dinner reservations for after your appointment.

Advanced Digital Surround X-Rays

Minimal exposure, more precise, and digitally stored for your convenience.

State-of-the-art technologies and facilities

Complimentary wine & Nespresso coffee bar, hot towel service, temple massage therapy, paraffin treatments, music & movie selections are just a few of the amenities you’ll find at our ultra-chic, upscale facilities.


Benefits Of Laser Dentistry

At Dr. Patty Miami, we love using laser dentistry for cosmetic and general procedures because it allows us to be incredibly precise. And because lasers damage less tissue than original dental procedures, they also eliminate most of the associated pain and discomfort.

Other benefits of laser dentistry include:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Improved tissue regeneration
  • Faster procedures
  • Reduced need for sutures and stitches
  • Faster healing
  • Reduced infection risk
  • Ability to preserve more of the natural tooth structure

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Using Laser Dentistry In Common Dental Procedures

One of the biggest advantages of dental lasers is that they can be used in a wide variety of treatments. These are some of the procedures we love using laser dentistry on:

Gum Contouring/Sculpting: dental lasers can be used to rejuvenate gums by dissolving soft tissue folds and exposing more of your natural teeth. We’ve also had great success using lasers to treat gummy smiles.

Teeth Whitening: lasers can speed up your [teeth whitening] process by increasing the productivity of the particles in the bleaching solution.

Removing benign tumors: dental lasers are a great alternative for removing benign tumors quickly and painlessly.

Cavities: dental lasers are the most precise way to detect and clear cavities. Laser dentistry allows your dentist to remove decay without harming the healthy tooth material, and in many cases, it eliminates the need for anesthesia.

Types Of Dental Lasers

At Dr. Patty Miami, we use different types of lasers for treating different dental conditions. Each laser has a different wavelength, which determines whether they are appropriate for treating soft or hard tissue.

Ready to experience elevated dentistry? Call Dr. Patty Miami today to schedule a complimentary consultation and discover the benefits of laser dentistry in Miami, FL.

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