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Dental Cleanings

The health of your child’s teeth is essential for their entire well-being. In addition to brushing and flossing daily to keep those pearly whites shiny and healthy, regular exams and cleanings are important for preventing cavities and gum disease.

Catching Problems Before They Start

Unfortunately, early tooth decay is the most common health problem among children. And an untreated cavity can quickly become a full-fledged oral infection if it’s not treated in time. That’s why at Dr. Patty Miami, we’re dedicated to educating our youngest patients about the importance of preventative dental care.

Through routine comprehensive exams and dental cleanings, we can help get your little one started on a path towards a lifetime of healthy teeth and treat any issues while they are minor and easy to fix.

At our dental boutique, pediatric dental cleanings are performed by our caring dental hygienists. Regular cleanings can help avoid common oral health problems, such as:

  • Tooth decay (dental caries)
  • Bad breath
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth loss
  • Stained teeth

Why Choose Dr. Patty?

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Excellent dental care and outstanding customer service are not the only things that set us apart. At Dr. Patty Miami, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the mark to offer our clients an upscale, anxiety-free experience at every visit.

Discover the exclusive perks offered at Dr. Patty Miami:

Numbness reversal

Numbness can be limiting, affecting one’s speech, smile, and ability to drink after a visit. Dr. Patty’s reversal process allows clients to leave the dental boutique and carry on with their day as if nothing happened, so you don’t have to worry about canceling your engagements after your procedure.


The professionals at Dr. Patty Miami are committed to your health and wellness. That’s why we use lasers to offer a safe, anxiety-free dental experience without drills and scalpels. This innovative laser technology has several advantages, including minimal intervention and, in most cases, little-to-no anesthesia.

Sedation dentistry

Multiple options for a more comfortable and nerve-free experience.

Personal Concierge Service

We can arrange everything from RedCap or limo transportation to and from your appointment to making nearby lunch or dinner reservations for after your appointment.

Advanced Digital Surround X-Rays

Minimal exposure, more precise, and digitally stored for your convenience.

State-of-the-art technologies and facilities

Complimentary wine & Nespresso coffee bar, hot towel service, temple massage therapy, paraffin treatments, music & movie selections are just a few of the amenities you’ll find at our ultra-chic, upscale facilities.


What Happens During A Pediatric Dental Cleaning?

At Dr. Patty Miami, our top priority is providing our guests — big and small — with a comfortable and happy experience that gets them excited about their oral health.

This begins with our calming amenities specially designed to ease dental fears and anxieties. For children who are a little more nervous or have trouble sitting still, we also offer a range of safe and effective [sedation dentistry], or “sleepy juice” options, as we like to call them. Teeth cleanings aren’t painful, but if your child has any anxiety about seeing the dentist, mild sedation can definitely help.

We start every pediatric dental cleaning with a comprehensive oral exam. The goal is to check for early signs of tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems. The dentist may also want to take X-rays or digital images to have a look at what’s happening beneath the surface of the gums and teeth.

Then, a dental hygienist will carefully clean your child’s teeth with a set of tools that remove plaque and tartar. After these have been removed, the teeth will be polished using a high-powered toothbrush and a special gritty toothpaste. If the dentist or dental hygienist finds signs of tooth decay or other issues, they’ll talk to you about things you can do at home to improve your child’s oral health or about scheduling a follow-up appointment for further treatment.

Finally, the dental cleaning ends with a fluoride treatment to keep your child’s dental enamel healthy. Fluoride is a natural mineral that builds a strong enamel and prevents cavities. This involves swishing a mild fluoride mouthwash for a couple of minutes and then spitting it out. All in all, a pediatric dental cleaning takes between 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

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How To Prepare Your Child For A Dental Cleaning

One of the best ways to prepare your child for any kind of dental appointment is to have a positive attitude towards their visit. Avoid referring to going to the dentist as something they “have to do,” and try to not use scary-sounding words like “hurt,” “pull,” “shot,” or “needle.” Instead, put them at ease, telling them that this is just a routine part of staying healthy and there’s nothing to worry about.

It’s also a good idea to explain what they can expect from their upcoming dental cleaning. Let them know that the dentist will show them all of the tools they will use and that they will simply take a look and brush their teeth with a super-fast electronic toothbrush.

Does your child have a favorite stuffed animal or toy? Let them bring it to their appointment! Having their furry friends with them during this experience can help keep them calm and entertained. Also, try highlighting the fun parts of seeing their dentist at Dr. Patty Miami, like watching TV during their cleaning or how clean and fresh their teeth will feel after they’re done!

Good oral hygiene habits begin early and set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles. If you need to schedule a pediatric dental cleaning in Miami, call our office today or fill out the form below to request an appointment. With years of experience and a skilled staff that cares deeply about your child’s comfort and happiness, you can rest assured that at Dr. Patty Miami, your kid’s next dental visit will be easy, fun, and effective.

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