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What To Do if Invisalign® Cracks

March 29, 2023 – Cosmetic Dentist Miami

What To Do if Invisalign® Cracks | Cosmetic Dentist Miami | Dr. Patty

Invisalign® has revolutionized orthodontic treatment with its discreet, see-through aligners. This excellent alternative to traditional metal braces helps clients achieve a beautiful smile without all the discomfort and concerns about self-image. However, while Invisalign aligners are durable, they are susceptible to cracking or breaking.

At Dr. Patty Miami Cosmetic Dentistry, we’ve helped many clients like you achieve their dream smiles with Invisalign®. Our team understands the advantages and disadvantages of different dental treatments to provide the best possible care. Here, we discuss what to do if Invisalign® cracks and the steps you can take to prevent this issue. Call us at (305) 735-3002 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Is It Common for Invisalign® To Crack?

Have you noticed damage to your Invisalign aligner after removing it? Don’t worry — it’s not the end of the world. Cosmetic dentists encounter cracked aligners more often than you might realize, and the solution is usually simple.

That said, never let cracked or broken aligners go unaddressed. Invisalign® moves your teeth, straightening them and preventing unwanted shifts. If your Invisalign® cracks or breaks, it could disrupt your treatment timeline and delay your desired results.

Why Invisalign® Can Crack

Understanding what to do if your Invisalign® cracks starts with understanding why it might happen. Invisalign® can crack for several different reasons or a combination thereof. Here are a few possible answers to why your clear aligners may crack:

  • Natural wear and tear: Like most things, Invisalign® aligners will wear out with age and regular use. Everyday wear and tear can impact the material and cause it to deteriorate.
  • How you remove them: Do you remove your trays the same way each time? Pinching them in the same place over and over can wear out the plastic in a specific area, eventually resulting in cracks.
  • Improper storage: Mishandling your aligners will put them at risk of cracks and breaks. You should never mistreat or store them in anything other than their protective case.
  • Biting, chewing, or grinding: If you aren’t quite used to wearing aligners, you may forget to remove them before eating. Unfortunately, biting or chewing can damage the trays. You may also weaken the material if you grind your teeth excessively while sleeping.

Dr. Patty Miami Cosmetic Dentistry offers high-tech dentistry in a spa-like setting. With revolutionary, top-of-the-line treatment options at our boutique for cosmetic dentistry, you’ll never worry about cheap aligners that break out of nowhere. Each treatment comes with abundant amenities and luxurious comfort for the highest-quality experience and long-lasting results.

How Can You Tell if Your Invisalign® Is Damaged?

Damage to your Invisalign® will look like lines or small cracks in the aligner. You may not notice them until you remove the aligner and inspect it. However, minor cracks aren’t the only signs of damage to anticipate. Severe cracks can also develop over time and split the tray completely.

What To Do if Your Invisalign® Cracks

First of all, never turn Invisalign® repair into a DIY project. Some clients attempt to seal the crack or glue the pieces back together. Not only can this damage the materials, it also introduces toxic chemicals that can lead to worse conditions than misaligned teeth.

The best thing to do if your Invisalign® cracks is to contact your dentist. Your Miami cosmetic dentist can assess the damage accurately and determine the appropriate next step. Sometimes, you can get a replacement or return to the previous trays. Other times, your best option might be to skip to the next trays.

How To Prevent Invisalign® From Cracking

Keeping your Invisalign® aligner in tip-top condition is essential. You must use it correctly, putting it in and removing it properly. You also must store it according to your dentist’s instructions to avoid damage and costly repairs or replacements.

As you consider ways to prevent your aligners from cracking, here are a few tips to remember:

  • Always remove your Invisalign® before eating or chewing
  • Always store your Invisalign® in its protective case when not in use
  • Make sure you insert and remove the aligners correctly

Restore Your Smile With a Miami Cosmetic Dentist

Invisalign® is one of the best dental treatment options. The aligners are durable but can wear out and develop cracks over time. Knowing what to do if your Invisalign cracks will help you stay on track with treatment and avoid major setbacks.

Are you searching for the best cosmetic dentist in Miami? At Dr. Patty Miami, we offer industry-leading procedures to help you discover your true beauty, style, and radiance. Contact us online or call (305) 735-3002 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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