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Tattoo Removal

Do you have some ink that you’ve been wanting to erase? The dermatology team at Dr. Patty Miami is thrilled to offer the latest technology in laser tattoo removal: the PicoSure laser. PicoSure fades tattoos in half the time of traditional treatments, and it’s safe to use in all skin types and shades. Don’t go a day longer staring at that ink that no longer reflects who you are. Thanks to laser technology, tattoos no longer have to be forever if you don’t want them to!

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

When you get a tattoo, the ink is infused deep into the superficial layer of the skin, known as the dermis, which is why tattoos don’t just wash off with topical products. That’s also the reason laser tattoo removal is a multi-treatment process.

To erase a tattoo, the ink must be broken down into small particles with laser energy. These particles are eventually eliminated through your body’s lymphatic system. Depending on the size, ink density, and color(s) of the tattoo, it may take up to 15 sessions until the ink is no longer visible through the skin.

In the past, tattoo removal was a lengthy, painful treatment that carried a high risk of scarring and infection. Back then, the only options for fading unwanted ink were surgical excision, dermabrasion, and sometimes cryosurgery. But thanks to technological advances, modern laser technology allows us to remove tattoos faster, without scars, and relatively painlessly.

Like other cosmetic laser treatments, tattoo removal operates on a principle known as selective photothermolysis, which uses short pulses of light to heat the pigmented areas and destroy the ink while leaving the surrounding skin intact.

The PicoSure laser operates on the same principle but employs a new mechanism called photomechanical PressureWave™ technology, which uses a fraction of the energy to emit ultrashort pulses of light that last just a trillionth of a second (picosecond) to break down the ink into tiny particles. Because PicoSure delivers the energy so quickly, the treatment is faster, and your skin receives much less built-up heat, significantly cutting the risk for complications.

While individual results vary, our Dr. Patty Miami PicoSure laser tattoo removal technology can reduce the number of sessions from 15-20 to just 5 or 6.

Why Choose Dr. Patty?

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Excellent dental care and outstanding customer service are not the only things that set us apart. At Dr. Patty Miami, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the mark to offer our clients an upscale, anxiety-free experience at every visit.

Discover the exclusive perks offered at Dr. Patty Miami:

Numbness reversal

Numbness can be limiting, affecting one’s speech, smile, and ability to drink after a visit. Dr. Patty’s reversal process allows clients to leave the dental boutique and carry on with their day as if nothing happened, so you don’t have to worry about canceling your engagements after your procedure.


The professionals at Dr. Patty Miami are committed to your health and wellness. That’s why we use lasers to offer a safe, anxiety-free dental experience without drills and scalpels. This innovative laser technology has several advantages, including minimal intervention and, in most cases, little-to-no anesthesia.

Sedation dentistry

Multiple options for a more comfortable and nerve-free experience.

Personal Concierge Service

We can arrange everything from RedCap or limo transportation to and from your appointment to making nearby lunch or dinner reservations for after your appointment.

Advanced Digital Surround X-Rays

Minimal exposure, more precise, and digitally stored for your convenience.

State-of-the-art technologies and facilities

Complimentary wine & Nespresso coffee bar, hot towel service, temple massage therapy, paraffin treatments, music & movie selections are just a few of the amenities you’ll find at our ultra-chic, upscale facilities.


Am I a Candidate?

The PicoSure laser is designed to safely and effectively fade any color of tattoo ink in every skin type. And the treatment is appropriate for nearly every area of the body, including your face, neck, hands, arms, back, legs, and feet. Our tattoo removal in Miami can successfully treat tattoos that:

  • Are complex and/or extensive
  • Contain one or more colors
  • Didn’t fade completely with other treatments

Bear in mind that smoking can make the tattoo removal process lengthier. We recommend our patients to quit smoking and maintain healthy lifestyle habits during their treatment for the best results possible.

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The Tattoo Removal Process

Before we get to zapping your unwanted tattoo (the fun part!), you’ll meet with a Dr. Patty Miami laser specialist to discuss your removal goals and document the size and colors of your ink. You’ll also discuss your estimated timeline, potential side effects, and how many sessions you’ll likely need.

The number of treatments depends on the type of results you’re looking for. Some patients just need a couple of sessions because they want to fade an older tattoo to make way for new art. Patients that want a tattoo entirely removed for aesthetic or professional reasons will require more treatments.

With the revolutionary PicoSure laser, the tattoo removal process is significantly less painful than previous treatments. Some people report feeling like a rubber band is being snapped against their skin (admittedly not the greatest of feelings) followed by a warm sensation. However, we apply a numbing cream before your session and ice as necessary to make your experience as comfortable as possible.


Tattoo Removal FAQs

How Much Is Tattoo Removal in Miami, Fl?

Yes! Laser tattoo removal is an incredibly safe and effective procedure for getting rid of unwanted tattoos. At Dr. Patty Miami we use the PicoSure laser that emits ultra-fast pulses of light to minimize skin injury and reduce the risk for scarring.

Is Tattoo Removal Safe?

Some patients compare laser tattoo removal with the feeling of a rubber band being snapped against their skin. At our luxury medical and cosmetic boutique, we apply a numbing topical solution about 30 minutes before the session to make the process as painless as possible.

Does It Hurt?

The amount of treatments you’ll need depends on your tattoo size and the density of the ink. During your initial consultation, your professional laser technician will create a personalized treatment plan that includes the estimated amount of sessions you may require.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

If you go to a reputable provider, like the dermatology team at Dr. Patty Miami, the risk for side effects after laser tattoo removal is minimal. Some of these risks include skin infections, scarring, and skin discoloration.

Are There Side Effects?

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