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Kristian Miami

July 20, 2023 – Cosmetic Dentist Miami

So, all right, so this case is a serious situation. You see his smile here. Everything was pretty good, right? But as you can see here, this little bump on the gum, well, that’s serious business. Let’s look a little closer. So I went in, I opened up his gums all the way to the bone and look at what happened. This huge hole in his gums. Here you can see where I took the tooth out. And then there’s a second hole, that’s literally where the bacteria went through the tooth through his bone. And if this infection continue going, this could have turned into an infection in his sinuses, and possibly even to his brain. An infection of this sort looks like this. On an x ray, right, there’s a lot of black around the tooth in the X ray. Here’s the tooth after I took it out, you see that little indention that’s where the bacteria went through the tooth. So after I got out all the infection, I went back in a bone graft. I put a membrane so that it can hold that bone in to heal and become strong. I put some PRP which is basically healing sales from your blood and Wila This is how he left my office. This will take about four months to heal, and then he’ll come back for his implant. Now here we are four months later, it’s time to put in his implant. This client chose a sir Konya implant which is a white implant best choice for the front of the mouth. And here it is going in. So in four more months, this client will get his tooth screwed into his implant and he will have a smile that is just to die for.


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